Calabri Vizslas takes the breeding of our dogs and placing of our puppies very seriously! We meet and exceed the Breeders Code of Practice outlined by the VSO, VC and CKC.


We breed very selectively in order to produce quality puppies that preserve, protect and promote the vizsla breed. 

Our goal is to produce loving companions with sound temperament, correct breed type, natural hunting ability and overall good health.

A variety of practices go into making this happen.

Health Clearances

Health of our puppies is a priority here at Calabri Vizslas.  Along with genetic diversity, we undertake extensive health testing before breeding.  Our dogs are OFA cleared for Hips, Thyroid and Eyes (CERF), which adheres to the CHIC recommended health screenings for Vizslas. To add to this, our dogs are OFA cleared for Elbows and Cardiac as well.  

The database for health clearances is public and is worth looking at as part of your research. 

OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals)

CHIC (Canine Health Information Centre)

Although there are no absolutes in breeding, especially with environmental factors playing a huge role in all aspects of life, health screening is paramount in ensuring that everything is being done to reduce the risk of inherited disease appearing in our future generations.

Placing Our Puppies

We happily place puppies in loving homes that cherish all of the breed characteristics and qualities that vizslas have to offer.  Our process allows us to find owners who are committed to preserving, protecting and promoting the vizsla breed right along with us!

It is important to understand that, although they give back ten fold, vizslas are what we consider high needs dogs. In order for them to be truly enjoyed, they require extensive physical and mental exercise and in general, a lot of your time. For the right family and lifestyle, if dedicated to meeting these needs, we think vizslas are the perfect dog. We are happy to discuss the breed with you to see if it is a good fit for your family. Please go our *Resources* page for more information on this important decision.

As a first step in the puppy inquiry process, we require you to complete a PUPPY QUESTIONNAIRE which will then be followed up with several conversations and questions allowing us to evaluate prospective families. We would then move on to a planned visit. All of this also allows you to evaluate us and decide if we are someone you would like to have a relationship with, for the life of your dog.

  • We do not sell puppies on a first come, first serve basis.  
  • We do not take deposits until after puppies are born and a commitment from us is made.  
  • We do keep an interest list and encourage you to keep in touch for updates on our plans.

puppy questionnaire

Priority Show & Performance Homes

We love all of our committed companion dog owners. We do however, in order to showcase our dogs, reserve chosen puppies from each litter and give priority to show and performance homes. We are very happy to provide extra support if you are interested but do not have past experience. Your involvement can vary from 'doing it yourself', to just making your dog available for certain shows, to your dog being involved in our breeding program. Ask us about this opportunity if you think you may be interested in one of our select dogs!

Raising A Calabri Puppy

Our puppy raising practises are all about setting up our dogs for success, now and for years to come. Puppies are born, raised and loved in our home, among our human and animal family, They are provided with comprehensive physical and medical care. Socially, a tremendous amount of time will be spent with our puppies in order to give them the best start possible in life. Daily handling will be unlimited as well being to exposed to age appropriate experiential opportunities.  It is important that puppies are provided with enriched and stimulating environments to challenge them and to learn from. 

Puppies will have their tails docked and dew claws removed by our veterinarian at 2-3 days of age. Deworming takes place at 4, 6 and 8 weeks. Nail trimming is done several times before they leave. Puppies will be examined by a veterinarian for their health certificate just prior to going to their new homes. Their vaccination schedules will be set up at that time.

At 8 weeks of age, we hire a trained professional to evaluate our puppies using the Pat Hastings Puppy Puzzle Method.  This, along with our daily notes and observations, allows us to match puppies to their prospective homes and families, considering all aspects involved.  

Do not expect to choose a Calabri Puppy.

What's Included in A Calabri Contract - Commitments!


Please consider these terms of our contract very carefully. They have been moulded through extensive research with the goal of producing, raising and living with well balanced, healthy and happy dogs throughout their lifetime.

This is our commitment to you and also your commitment to us. 

Don't hesitate to ask any questions for clarification at any time.  

If you still feel uncomfortable with any of our terms, we respectfully encourage you to look for a better fit for your family. 

Your Puppy Suitcase

By the time your puppy goes home at 8 weeks, you will have received several emails from us including updates, pictures and videos.  These emails will also include literature and information that will help you prepare for your new puppy, as well as educational resources that support our various puppy raising protocols as outlined. We will always be available, even before your puppy goes home, for any questions you may have or advice you may need.

Your puppy will go home with a bag of food, a familiar toy or blanket and an extensive puppy package. This package includes signed contracts, a written medical record outlining all procedures to date (dewormings, vaccinations, tail docking, dewclaw removal, etc.), photos of your puppy's sire and dam as well as copies of their paperwork (registrations, pedigrees, titles, health tests) and written information that outlines your puppy's routines and recommendations for a successful transition into your home.  Finally, detailed puppy training literature and current health practice articles are included to help you raise a happy and healthy puppy.   

You will need to bring a CRATE when picking up your puppy.  Crate training is a requisite to owning a Calabri puppy.  Much more information is provided before pickup. 

Lifelong Breeder Support

As dedicated breeders we truly care about our puppies and their owners. We consider you part of our Calabri family. With that, we provide LIFETIME SUPPORT immediate and ongoing, and welcome any questions, big or small, at any time. Our passion is dogs. Let us be your resource! We have a network of vast accumulated knowledge to share with you, No matter what the situation, chances are we have experience with it and can help you navigate in the best way possible. A day doesn't go by that we haven't talked to a puppy owner, whether to give advice or just to share stories about their dog.  We love every minute of it!

Lifelong Return Clause

For the life of the dog, at any time and for any reason, we will always take a puppy back.  Further to this, if the owner can no longer retain possession of this dog, we insist that it be returned to us at Calabri Vizslas, in order to find it a new loving home. 

Health Guarantee

We provide a 3-year written health guarantee for your puppy against any life-threatening genetic condition.

Non-Breeding Contract

All puppies, including show puppies, are strictly sold on a CKC Non-Breeding Agreement and at times a Co-Ownership Agreement, under the terms and conditions outlined by the Canadian Kennel Club. As such, the Buyer agrees NOT to use this animal for breeding. Non-Breeding Agreements may be lifted in some circumstances, but only upon being presented with appropriate health testing certificates as well as upon completion of at least two performance titles; to be discussed and agreed upon at the time of purchase. 


Spay/Neuter Policy

Studies have proven that for health reasons, it is important that dogs grow up and mature to 24 months with all the hormones that nature intended for them to have.  Our puppies must NOT be spayed or neutered before the minimum age of 2 years (24 months).  Females will not be spayed prior to first heat in the unlikely case that this occurs after 24 months of age.  Show dogs must remain intact while showing, as agreed upon prior to purchase. Please refer to our Resources page for more information.

Vaccination Protocol

Studies have also shown that many health risks are associated with over-vaccination of puppies and dogs. Vaccines have an important purpose in preventing specific serious diseases, however it needs to be understood that each time your pet is injected with a vaccine, there are risks involved. Vaccines themselves can cause reactions and/or diseases that can be short term, long term, acute and/or chronic. Our protocol is about balancing the risk/benefit factors so that our dogs stay disease free, but also have a much lower incidence of vaccine-related diseases and reactions. We expect our owners to follow an informed and more minimal vaccination protocol. This involves using a long-lasting (3-year) core puppy vaccine and then performing TITERS  to check for immunization levels after the 3 years to determine if re-vaccinating is necessary.  A more specific vaccination schedule and protocol will be provided for you to follow at the time, along with research literature that supports this. Please refer to our Resources page for more information.

Training Commitments

Formal training of a Vizsla is paramount to a well-behaved and balanced dog. Ongoing training and/or sport classes, for the life of the dog, is highly recommended! At minimum, our puppy owners agree to partake in at least 2 sets each, of both puppy-training and adult-training sessions. 

One goal should be to reach a required level of obedience to obtain a CKC Canine Good Citizenship Certificate. We encourage families to get out and enjoy their dog! Ask your local and reputable training centre about the variety of fun classes like agility, rally, scent detection, that will only support your dog's enjoyment of learning! 

CKC Registration

You puppy will be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and registration certificates will be sent to you upon receipt.