About Us!

Welcome to Calabri Vizslas!

We are located in the heart of Central Ontario, just north of the Horseshoe Valley Ski Resort. I have been passionately and competitively involved in horses and dogs all of my life. Owned by several dogs over the years, my journey with vizslas began with my first ever, KASSA. Raising a young family at the time, I went looking for a loving companion but also a solid foundation in conformation, health, natural ability and pedigree for my new dog performance endeavours. Kassa was all that and more and I miss her every day.  She lives on though in the family of dogs that we love and share our home with now. 

Calabri Vizslas runs a small, family based, temperament and health screened breeding program, where we are dedicated and committed to preserving, protecting and promoting the vizsla breed. Our girls are selectively bred and we strive to produce puppies with excellent temperament, health, structure and natural ability. 

Calabri Vizslas is involved in a variety of dog sport activities. All of our dogs are titled. Here's why that matters.  We often hear '..but I don't need a show dog..' or 'I'm just looking for a pet..' Titles are a means of providing measurement for the important qualities that we look for in ALL dogs. A title says that the dog is true to type for its breed standard. A title says that the dog has natural hunting ability for which it was bred. Even more importantly, a title says that the dog is intelligent, is adaptable, is biddable, is good-natured. Calabri Vizslas is committed to these qualities!

We are proud members of associated clubs and organizations, joining in their commitment to purebred dogs. These include the Vizsla Society of Ontario, Vizsla Canada, NAVHDA and the Canadian Kennel Club. 

Thank you for visiting our site.  I invite you to look around and get to know our dogs, their quality and how important they are in our lives.

(Thank you to friend and talented artist Gary Taber for this cherished sketch of Kassa. Commissions welcome! Click the image to go to his website GaryTaberArt.com)